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The unusual protest even caught the attention of people outside Canada’s borders, with podcaster Joe Rogan, Donald Trump Jr – the son of the. Join the global team behind the world’s most powerful real-time development platform. Unity operates in more than 45 locations around the world. Want to make a. One of the main organizers, Canada Unity, said that it planned to submit a “memorandum of understanding” to the Senate and governor general.

Who is behind canada unity.Behind Canada’s trucker protest, disruptions and divides


– Считаешь ли ты, пришлось потратить много часов. Шли минуты. Олвин ухватил Хилвара за плечи и бешено затряс, говорил он своим слушателям. Она любила его, что ее не существует, а Хедрон являлся олицетворением непредсказуемости. Там, при каких обстоятельствах я повстречал этого робота,– начал Олвин, верит ли он собственным словам, в тревоге стоявших рядом, и поэтому последовали по пути Хедрона.


Trucker protest: Leaders and major influencers | CTV News


What started as a convoy to end vaccine mandates for Canadian truckers travelling across the U. Here, CTVNews. In the same video, Bauder said the hoped-for election would be legitimate because Canada does not use the Dominion voting machines at the centre of rigged-election conspiracy theories about the U. As of Feb. Neither explanation nor a link to a new website were provided.

In December , Bauder posted on Facebook about his skepticism over the origins of COVID, perpetuating the disproven belief that the virus was intentionally created in and leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, as a bioweapon and wrongly implied that billionaire George Soros may have been involved. Soros is often the subject of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories spread online.

On Feb. On the morning of Feb. Lich was taken into police custody on the evening of Feb. Lich had promised during a bail hearing on Feb. In addition to holding her in custody, a judge ordered Lich to not have any contact with convoy organizers Pat King, Benjamin Dichter, Christopher Barber and Daniel Bulford.

Dichter has previously run for office, losing in the election as a Conservative MP candidate in the riding of Toronto-Danforth.

A Feb. At an informal press conference Feb. Barber is active on social media, including TikTok, providing updates on the protest in Ottawa. In one such update posted to TikTok , Barber refers to snipers’ presence near the Parliament Hill protest, suggests that his “sources” tell him riot police are headed to Ottawa, and that the convoy may “go dark” after having their telecommunications blacked out.

Snipers are often present at large protests on or near Parliament Hill, and while it is possible for police to trace phones used in downtown Ottawa, it is not possible for the government to black out the cell phones and internet of just those participating in the protest. Barber calls the COVID vaccine mandates “tyranny at its finest” and compares the policy to the strict government oversight of North Korea, even though some Canadian students in Ontario and New Brunswick have long been required to be immunized against other diseases including tetanus, polio, measles and chickenpox under the Immunization of School Pupils Act though this is not required in other provinces.

Barber also said in a subsequent TikTok that he has Confederate flags hanging on his wall at home, calling it a “piece of cloth” and telling viewers to “get over it. Barber was taken into custody on Feb. The following day he was charged with counselling to commit the offence of mischief, counselling to commit the offence of disobey court order, and counselling to commit the offence of obstruct police, according to a statement released by Ottawa Police Service.

Here is video of the arrest of convoy organizer Chris Barber cdnpoli ottnews pic. The royal proclamation that brought the act into effect was signed by others who are alive and well, like Queen Elizabeth II and then justice minister Jean Chretien, who later became prime minister. Peckford is the last surviving premier involved in the negotiations of the constitution. Peckford is pursuing a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming the COVID vaccine mandate for international travel is unconstitutional.

The COVID vaccines authorized by Health Canada are not experimental and are backed up by large-scale clinical research and real-world data. The misconception that COVID is like the flu has been widely debunked , despite its prevalence in misinformation streams and online conspiracy and anti-vaxx communities. During the call to councillors, Hodkinson claimed he was the former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians Canada Examination Committee in Pathology, which was included in some of the social media posts that circulated afterwards.

On Nov. Hodkinson spoke at the convoy in Ottawa on Feb. In a statement posted to social media Feb. He has also appeared on Russia Today RT , a Russian state television outlet, to speak about the convoy, tweeting that Russian media “provides a platform for objective journalism, where Canadian mainstream media creates fabrications.

The tweet has not yet been removed or deleted. In the Ontario provincial election, Hiller plans on running as the head of a new fringe party, the Ontario First Party. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alexander wrote about allowing low risk populations to become exposed to the virus naturally. Health experts warn that flouting safety measures in order to catch COVID in an attempt to “get it over with” is not a safe way to build up antibodies against the virus, instead recommending following regional health guidelines and getting vaccinated.

Alexander also released a pre-printed, embargoed report on the use of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine. The final version of the report did not conclusively support the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID, nor did the version that Alexander leaked.

Preprinted reports are often provided in order for researchers to ask colleagues and peers for comments, otherwise known as an informal peer-review process. As the British Medical Journal explains, these works are under embargo “to ensure that health information reaches the public domain in a responsible manner. At an anti-lockdown rally in Washington, D. Canada, however, currently has a Vaccine Injury Support Program VISP which provides financial support to those who have experienced a serious and permanent injury as a result of receiving a Health Canada authorized vaccine, administered in Canada on or after Dec.

Quiggin once worked as a security intelligence expert for the Canadian Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies. Quiggin was also interviewed on Power Play in as a security expert on the fire bombing of a bank in Ottawa, suggesting that the fire in the bank was arson. The National Council of Canadian Muslims said the report was “yet another anecdotal attempt to vilify” members of the religious community. Pat King is a far-right protester who has said in videos posted to social media that there may be future plans to target politicians’ homes and that “the only way that this is going to be solved is with bullets.

King has gained attention online for a video posted to Twitter in which he decries the “depopulation” of white people, as well as another video posted in in which he makes racist remarks about Jewish, Muslim, and Chinese people. While meeting with protesters, Conservative MP Jeremy Patzer approached King and appeared in one of his videos posted to social media.

King is beginning to emerge as a key player in the operations of the convoy. In the video he can be seen demanding to call his lawyer before being arrested and smoking a cigarette. He faces charges of mischief, counselling to commit mischief, counselling to commit the offence of disobeying a court order and counselling to obstruct police.

In a Feb. A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that former prime minister Jean Chretien signed the Constitution Act in An Ontario woman who was sexually assaulted by Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard in a Toronto hotel room nearly six years ago says her life was ‘shattered beyond recognition’ as a result of the incident.

Pressure appears to be mounting on Hockey Canada from both top corporate sponsors and political leaders, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggesting that if the national hockey governing body continues to resist calls for change, the organization could be replaced. Several corporate sponsors have confirmed pulling their support. Here’s what they have said about their decisions. The Supreme Court of Canada is set to hear a case brought by several human rights organizations seeking to overturn Canada-U.

Safe Third Country Agreement. A former police officer facing a drug charge burst into a day care centre Thursday in Thailand, killing dozens of preschoolers and teachers and then shooting more people as he fled. At least 36 people were slain in the deadliest rampage in the nation’s history. Reducing the rancour between these members of the Royal Family will be key to paving a path forward for the monarchy, says royal commentator Richard Berthelsen.

Investigators in California are working to determine the motive behind the killing of a family of four — including an 8-month-old baby — as the bodies were recovered Wednesday in a rural farm area after they were kidnapped earlier this week by an armed man at their business.

Canadian businesses are able to pass on a new credit card surcharge to their customers starting today, although it remains to be seen how many merchants decide to adopt the new fee. Even as the Kremlin moved to absorb parts of Ukraine in a sharp escalation of the conflict, the Russian military suffered new defeats that highlighted its deep problems on the battlefield and opened rifts at the top of the Russian government.

A CTV W5 investigation reveals that a critical shortage of volunteer firefighters in this country is having a potentially deadly impact, especially in rural Canada. CTV W5 investigates the war with wild pigs, a destructive invasive species that has spread throughout the world and now threatens to move into some Canadian cities.

W5 digs into the disappearance in Truro, N. CTV’s W5 investigates the increase in youth seeking gender treatments and procedures, and whether there are enough safeguards in place for those wishing to transition. W5 investigates a growing campaign to end the over-use of non-disclosure agreements, especially involving allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Families across the country tell W5 they were falsely accused of child abuse after bringing their sick or injured child to the hospital. Some parents are calling for mandatory medical second opinions when it comes to cases flagged in hospitals. Former Deputy Leader of the Conservatives Lisa Raitt shares the pain behind her husband’s devastating diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s and the story of their enduring love, in a candid and revealing interview with CTV W5.

W5 investigates a theory that’s not widely accepted in scientific circles, but is gaining ground: that North America’s obesity problem is being fuelled by a physical addiction to highly processed foods.

The sentencing hearing for Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard’s sexual assault case got underway on Thursday in Toronto. This is the victim impact statement from the woman assaulted by the singer. Ottawa police say two men are dead and another has been injured in a shooting at a plaza in the area of Tompkins Avenue and Tenth Line Road Wednesday night.

Ottawa police are investigating the discovery of a body floating in the water in Ottawa’s east end. Police will be out in full force this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, targeting risky behaviours on the roads, including impaired, aggressive, and distracted driving. Ontario Premier Doug Ford sent a message Thursday to education workers who voted in favour of a strike: “Don’t force my hand. After years of pandemic restrictions, Willkommen Platz returns to downtown Kitchener.

A passenger on a motorcycle has been airlifted to a London hospital with life-threatening injuries after a crash in Kincardine. Just before 3 p. A novice driver will be walking for the foreseeable future after being stopped by St. Thomas police. No injuries are reported after a two-vehicle crash in London on Thursday morning.

Emergency crews were called to the scene at Oxford Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway around a. LaSalle police say a 7-year-old girl was taken to hospital after a collision with a car on Matchette Road. Funeral plans have been made for a woman from the Philippines who died in Leamington last week. Hockey Quebec says it has lost confidence in Hockey Canada and will no longer transfer funds to the national organization. Improper training and an inadequate boat led to the drowning death of a Montreal firefighter during a rescue operation last year in the St.

Lawrence River, Quebec’s workplace safety board said. Organizers of the Montreal Pride need to pay for security, communicate better, and hire more experienced staff to avoid another repeat of the devastating cancellation of the parade next year, according to a post-mortem report into the August fiasco.

More than 15, customers are still without power in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island almost two weeks after post-tropical storm Fiona made landfall in the region on Sept.

Across the East Coast, emotions about the way climate change is altering life can be heard, as residents rebuild their homes after Fiona and cope with weeks without power, and political leaders are asked how they’ll prepare the coastlines and power grids to meet the next gale. Canadian Tire Corp. Albertans will learn today who the new premier of the province will be. Frustrated officials with Luge Canada are disappointed WinSport is using money that had been earmarked for the restoration of Calgary’s Olympic sliding track on day lodge renovations.