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Maple syrup industry in canada post – maple syrup industry in canada post
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– Maple syrup industry in canada post – maple syrup industry in canada post


The group’s massive reserves in the town of Laurierville, near Quebec City, are emblematic of Canada’s hugely lucrative maple syrup industry. Housed in a warehouse the size of five football fields, tens of thousands of barrels, each containing 45 gallons liters , are stacked row upon row, up to the ceiling. In Canada, maple syrup is serious business. Often called “Quebec gold” in the region, it sometimes has been treated more like gold itself.

At present, however, the only siphoning is to relieve market shortages: At the start of the year, some million pounds were stored here. In my childhood, when spring eventually arrived in the sugar bush, the fluffy snow became crystals, like sand.

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Reverse osmosis — the process by which most of the sugar is removed before boiling — solves some of this, and Quebec has also vowed to convert oil evaporators to electricity, to reduce their carbon footprint. After a long, long winter, we rejoice: spring is here! But the pandemic has forced cabanes to close to the public for two seasons; Ms.

This — the local producer who sells you syrup in bottles or cans, fresh from their forest — is the essence of maple syrup in Canada, and what we cannot lose, and what the cartel cannot store. By contrast, barrels of maple syrup that have sat for years in the International Strategic Reserve exemplify the industrial agriculture model that we increasingly rely on and yet threatens our survival. My whining about the wet socks of my childhood seems a bit infantile when I think of the farmers who taught us to make syrup, on the dirt road where I grew up: Lecot, Labelle, Poulin.

Totally pure old Quebec: raising families of up to 10 children with no electricity. They made maple syrup because they had no other sugar. It is a rugged landscape where we overcome obstacles to thrive; where icy winters give way to the miracle of spring, and bring us the first harvest: maple syrup. In , The Globe and Mail took a look inside the Quebec facility where producers stockpile tens of millions of dollars worth of syrup.

Here’s what we saw. Build your personal news feed. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. The effects of changing temperatures are felt unequally. Warmer temperatures could benefit northern parts of Ontario and Quebec, which could see up to 40 litres more sap per tap each year.

But he warned that higher temperatures produce less sugary sap, and as a consequence, more sap is needed to make the maple syrup consumers are used to. Meanwhile, the growth in global demand for the sweet syrup shows no sign of abating. When the balmy winter and abrupt spring thaw brought low harvests, the industry had to dip deeply into its strategic reserves to meet global demand, which rose by 23 per cent. The industry says keeping up with global syrup demand will require tapping million more trees by That rise in consumption will add to the carbon levels in the atmosphere due to the wood or other fossil fuels burned to boil the sap.

In their defence, producers contend that tapping more trees protects those trees from being harvested, ensuring that the industry sequesters more carbon than it releases. Whatever the carbon math, the growing demand for maple syrup and diminished yields are requiring producers to look for ways to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Production Footnote 2 As maple trees grow, they accumulate starch, which converts into sugar during the spring thaw and mixes with the water absorbed through tree roots to create maple sap, which generally flows between February and April each year. Source: Statistics Canada. Table Production and value of maple products x 1, 1. Production of maple products — year trend.

Production of maple products — year trend Year Millions of gallons 5. Footnotes Footnote 1 Farm cash receipts measure gross revenue of farm businesses. Return to footnote 1 referrer Footnote 2 Maple products production data for will be released by Statistics Canada in December Report a problem on this page Please select all that apply: A link, button or video is not working.

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Maple syrup industry in canada post – maple syrup industry in canada post. If maple syrup stops flowing like it did in the springs of my youth, what will Canada become?


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