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However, during the rest of and the three first quarters of , trends have been very similar for all groups. Looking at the figures, we can clearly see that temporary employment is much more volatile than permanent one along the business cycle and that the values for the latest available observations show an important stabilization and recovery compared to Figure 7 shows the evolution of registered unemployment using administrative data from Public Employment Services records.

Registered unemployment increased by The increase affected all sectors with a similar intensity, but during , in parallel to the improvement in economic activity, the trend has clearly reversed and, as we can see in figure 8, the level of unemployment at the end of October has reached the pre-pandemics level.

Figure 9 shows the evolution of the number of workers covered by short-term work schemes ERTEs. As we can see from the figure, in May the number of workers covered by these schemes arrived to more than 3. Spain is one of the few countries that adopted measures along the 10 dimensions analyzed in the OECD inventory since the beginning of the health crisis.

During the two weeks of full lockdown, a full paid leave was granted for workers of non-essential activities that could not be carried out by teleworking with a compensation of non-worked days before the end of the year. Workers with family responsibilities due to school closures or need to provide care for family members could adapt their time and working conditions during this period.

Firms cannot terminate temporary contracts during the crisis. Minimum contribution periods for unemployment benefits have been suspended during the crisis, including for temporary workers and eligibility has also been extended for some groups of workers those with permanent discontinuous contracts or domestic employees.

Extraordinary allowances and benefits for self-employed workers, affected by the suspension of economic activity, have also been adopted. It is also possible to combine unemployment benefits with temporary employment in agriculture under certain conditions. Procedures have been simplified and access is now granted to all workers affected by employment suspension or working time reduction, regardless of their contribution period.

The objective is to minimize dismissals during this period and facilitate a quick recovery of the activity once the confinement measures are lifted.

Recent legislative changes have also allowed that ERTEs can be applicable in sectors considered essential but having nevertheless suffered a reduction in revenues due to confinement measures. All temporary employment adjustments process related to the Covid crisis are covered under these provisions, even if they were initiated before the approval of the measure.

ERTEs were initially designed to cover the situation of workers until the end of the state of the alarm, but they were extended until June 30th and prorogued again until September 30th New extensions until January 31st , May 31st , September 30th and February 20th have been systematically approved with some minor modifications. The last extension approved in September put the focus on the need to re training workers still covered by ERTEs. Additional measures have been adopted to support vulnerable families and workers.

Social services programs have received additional funding and specific measures have been adopted to provide food to children affected by school closures. A three-month credit moratorium on the payment of credits and non-mortgage loans by vulnerable groups has also been introduced. Utility companies cannot cut services water, gas, energy in case of non-payment. A social benefit to cover the costs of energy provision has been extended to households affected by COVID But the most relevant measure in this area is the approval of a new minimum income scheme Ingreso Minimo Vital — IMV entering into force on June 15th Sign-up for Alerts.

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According to social security data published on 2 April, nearly , jobs disappeared in the second half of March following the start of the state of emergency. This figure is equivalent to all the jobs lost in the first months of the Great Recession between October and February A decade ago, it took more than days to lose almost a million jobs: but now just two weeks was enough.

The net result for March is , fewer jobs than in February. This is the worst data since records began , despite the fact that results have been cushioned by authorisations for temporary layoffs furloughs and short-time working known as ERTEs in Spain which enable companies to partially or totally suspend work contracts for permanent employees.

Once business activity resumes the companies must continue employing these workers for at least six months. Although the net number of jobs has fallen by nearly one million, the number of new jobs registered in official job centres reached some , The available data does not enable us to be sure what has happened, but it is probable that most of the jobs that disappeared were very short-term temporary contracts that are part of a vicious circle of “hire-fire-hire” with the cycle now stopping on “fire”.

Many workers “fired” in this way may not have yet signed on as unemployed — although they may soon do so. The data confirms that jobs are being destroyed in Spain at a rate not seen since the return of democracy.

It must be remembered that the available data reflects a static view of the job market. The month of March is traditionally a good month for job creation and would normally have created new jobs for many people. According to data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration the destruction of employment has especially affected workers with temporary contracts. Employers must be careful to avoid unlawful discrimination which might arise if for example employees with a particular nationality or ethnicity are singled out for checks.

Employers cannot require employees to take annual leave during a shutdown period, as the annual leave is a right expressly regulated by the Statute of the Workers in Spain which must be voluntarily exercised by the employees. Effective planning is key to ensuring business continuity and the protection of employees. In addition to the above, employers should:. Companies operating in affected areas should comply with local regulations and guidance from international bodies such as the World Health Organisation.

They may also be subject to local laws requiring them to implement special measures or to notify public health bodies if any of their employees are suspected to be ill or have any symptoms. Beyond compliance with local laws, companies in coordination with the prevention service should ensure measures are taken to properly assess the risks to staff and the impact on business continuity and should adapt their plans accordingly.

Our extensive global footprint means that we are well placed to help employers, wherever they have a presence. Our teams across the world have been supporting employers to steer through the legal and practical employment implications raised by the outbreak, including producing a variety of updates. There are no reporting obligations on employers at the moment although this might evolve. However, if the employer has a reasonable suspicion or confirmation that an employee is infected, it is reasonable that the company could exceptionally require the employee to communicate this situation to the relevant local health authorities in order to guarantee the compliance of the prevention protocols.

This request would be justified on the basis of the actual or potential hazard a spread of the infection might cause amongst the rest of the employees in the workplace and provided there are no other less privacy-invasive means. Doctors whether public or private do have specific reporting obligations towards the public health authorities.

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Eversheds Sutherland. Coronavirus – Employment law update – Spain Spain Coronavirus – Workforce issues Employment law Overview Our previous briefing on this topic Coronavirus: Implications for Employers set out the main issues facing employers when dealing with the CoVID outbreak.

Friday, September 16, to Thursday, October 13, Foreign Service National. Career Eligibility. Thursday, September 29, to Friday, October 21, Foreign Service. Water and Sanitation Advisor, FL Bureau for Resilience and Food Security. Friday, September 16, to Friday, October 14, Bureau for Asia.


Usa jobs in spain covid-19

Staff who cannot work because they have been infected with CoVID will be entitled to sick pay according to Spanish law. In other words, the. Job quality remained low despite rising educational attainment in the region. COVID is likely to accelerate structural changes in the labour market. https · Spain Job Opportunities · Current Job Openings · Guides, Checklists, and Links.


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In our previous articlewe warned that due to the uaa number of temporary jobs in Spainsomething like this was likely to happen. In our estimatesthe number of vulnerable workers ranges from 1.



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