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The Maple Syrup Heist 50m. An unusual heist that made headlines around the world highlights a bitter feud over one of Canada’s most precious resources: maple syrup. The Confidence Man . Apr 02,  · An unusual heist that made headlines around the world highlights a bitter feud over one. On Thursday Canadas supreme court ruled that Vallières the mastermind behind the . In , 9, barrels of maple syrup went missing/were stolen in Quebec. Who would steal maple syrup, why, and most importantly how? Who knew maple syrup was such a big .

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The robbery, which ocurred over a several month period in and , is known today as the “Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist” – and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Around seven years ago, 3, tons of maple syrup were stolen from a storage facility in Quebec.

Three theives managed to steal 10, barrels of syrup without anyone noticing, then trafficked it on the down-low to different distributors. Via Peanutroaster. With dozens of syrup reserves in small towns all over Quebec, the FQAP was often referred to as a “maple syrup cartel. Every detail of the maple syrup heist is so ridiculous, it’s as if it was specifically intended to become the plot of a Hollywood production.

So, it’s no surprise that it got made into an episode of a Netflix show. Via Kate Duffell. The episodes are hour-long documentaries about all kinds of corruption scandals, like HSBC’s money laundering and pharmaceutical scams.

There’s even an episode about Donald Trump. Right up there with the gold bucket heist. The quick version is as follows: In , officials at the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers FPAQ discovered that over 1, barrels worth of maple syrup had been stolen from one of their warehouses, which is a big deal because a barrel of pure Canadian maple syrup is worth more than a barrel of crude oil.

An investigation ensued and the people responsible for the heist were tracked down, but not before many obnoxious online goofballs me, mostly were able to get off their jokes about it all.

It was the Lufthansa heist of the syrup world. In the summer of , on one of those July days when the first hint of autumn cools the northern forest, Michel Gauvreau began his precarious climb up the barrels in St. Once a year, FPAQ takes an inventory of the barrels. Gauvreau was near the top of the stack when one of the barrels teetered, then nearly gave way.

Normally, weighing more than pounds when filled, the barrels are sturdy, so something was clearly amiss. When Gauvreau knocked on the barrel, it tolled like a gong. When he unscrewed the cap, he discovered it empty. At first, it seemed like this might have been a glitch, a mistake, but soon more punk barrels were found—many more. My God, they could be in Thunder Bay by now! The documentary digs in on the story in a slightly different way.

The heist itself is used as a launchpad to get into the history of the FPAQ and the way it exerts complete control over the maple syrup market in Quebec, kind of like what OPEC does with oil.

What we are going to talk about is these four very real screencaps from the documentary, featuring four of the individuals involved in the heist in one way or another, presented from least to most delightful. I would watch an entire documentary just about that, no heists necessary.

Maybe Ken Burns could do an eight-part series on heists throughout history.