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Graduate pathway program usa mapping
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If you need assistance with your application, contact English Language Center at: englishlanguagecenter utsa. Degree Tracks. We offer a 1-Semester and 2-Semester option depending on your English language level with degree tracks in the following areas:.

Advanced Materials Engineering. Biomedical Engineering. Civil Engineering — Geotechnical. Civil Engineering — Structures. Civil Engineering — Transportation.

Civil Engineering — Water Resources. Computer Engineering. Computer Science. Cybersecurity Science. Electrical Engineering. Industrial Applied Mathematics. Many pathway programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level offer guaranteed admission to their host institutions, contingent upon a student’s GPA and academic standing. To apply to a pathway program in the U. Once admitted, learners take part in classes with cohorts of students.

These groups may correspond to degree-level or discipline. As they build language skills, pathway students work toward taking language proficiency exams, such as the TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language , which is the standard English-language test for colleges and universities, workplaces, and immigration processes. Successful completion of coursework and the TOEFL exam can lead to direct enrollment in a degree program at that college or university.

Students can also transfer academic credits and exam results to other institutions. English-language pathway programs provided by colleges and universities are only one option for students.

There are also pathway programs offered by private companies, sometimes in conjunction with institutions of higher education, and students can also find them in other English-speaking countries. INTO , for example, works with universities in the U. The graduate pathway program in the United States allows students to earn credit toward a graduate degree while building English language and academic skills.

Learners who do not meet standard admission requirements can take part in these programs in anticipation of full-time graduate study. To study in the United States, students need to be accepted to a college or university. International students also need to meet government immigration requirements, have proper documentation, and secure adequate funding. To study in the U. Next, they need a valid passport, a visa, and proof of adequate finances for schooling.

Once in the U. International students must complete high school and be at least 17 years of age. However, learners are never too old to study in the U. What Is a U. Pathway Program? Look Like?

What Are the General Admission Requirements? Are you ready to discover your college program? Graduate Pathway Program Coursework Graduate pathway program coursework varies by institutions and discipline. You will gain key knowledge in your area of study at a highly ranked university, whether you study on our Clark campus in Worcester or at our partner location in Shanghai, China. Sarah Lopolito has been mentoring international students for more than 20 years in a variety of roles at large public schools, small private universities, and nonprofit organizations.

A thought leader in her field, Sarah believes that focused and personalized instruction creates an enriching experience. In our individualized program, you will take graduate degree level classes while also taking advanced English courses.

From day one, you will be exposed to engaging coursework in both your field of study and in English. Our dedicated faculty are here to work with you to ensure that you acquire necessary knowledge in grammar, vocabulary, critical-thinking skills, and American culture. Over the course of the program, you will become adept at using the English language to articulate your ideas, but more importantly, you will develop international networking and cross-cultural communication skills while you build a solid foundation for academic and professional success.

Join our global community of passionate scholars whose creative intellect, collaborative spirit, and commitment to progress are transforming lives in the neighborhood and around the world. You will be eligible to enroll in your graduate degree program after one semester and upon achieving:.


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Graduate Pathway Programs for International Students in the USA Direct Master’s Accelerator Program (Direct Map) Adelphi University Designed for international students looking for a rigorous academic experience to transition into graduate programs at Adelphi University.


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All year round. Will applying late hurt my application? Partner with Global Launch. Explore the various Pathway Programs that we offer at Duquesne, and learn about English language testing requirements. Tampa, Florida.