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Map of fema camps in usa – map of fema camps in usa
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By Reuters Staff. Shared over times as of March 13, a post here claims to show a map of states currently in a state of emergency in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. The information in this post is partly false. On Wednesday, March 11, , Mayor Muriel Bowser declared here both a state of emergency and a public health emergency in the District of Columbia.

Michigan here – are not designated as such on this map. However, three states who have not, as of March 13, declared an emergency – Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island — are incorrectly marked on the map.

Updates for Pennsylvania can be found here and updates for Rhode Island can be found here. While some of these cities have been used for quarantines, others have not, as of March 12, The marker on Fairfield, California may refer to Travis Air Force Base, where, as here , passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship here , were quarantined.

The marker on San Diego, Calif. As of March 12, , there was no evidence of the site having been needed as a coronavirus quarantine site. As reported here by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, quarantined passengers from the Grand Princess began arriving at the base on March 11, The marker on Honolulu may refer to a CDC quarantine station located there here. As of March 12, , there are no reports of it being used to quarantine coronavirus patients. The base is one of the military installations near 11 major airports identified by the Pentagon as a potential quarantine site, but has not yet been used as one here.

State Department detention facilities and forest work camps. Additionally, internee transfers resulted as the U. The primary focus of this website is the U. Research materials, exhibits, monuments, media accounts and other informational materials which indicate otherwise are incorrect and misleading. This overview is not exhaustive, but representative. The narrative is based on research and personal accounts. Pictures have been obtained from a variety of sources, including the National Archives, the National Park Service, researchers and internees to whom we are very grateful.

Internment and Detention Facilities Overview and Map.



Map of fema camps in usa – map of fema camps in usa. US FEMA Camps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency consists of ten regions in the continental United States and territories. Graphic. FEMA Regional US Map. Location of FEMA Concentration Camps. FEMA state interment camp locations by state (click on the map).