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Pure, natural maple syrup is a thinner substance; thicker syrups that some are familiar with are denser due to the use of corn syrup in the mixture with additional maple flavoring.

National maple syrup day 2021.National Maple Syrup Day


You can celebrate every day with Happydays Share Article:. December 17, Wright Brothers Day — December 17, December 17, National Underdog Day — December 17, Leave a Reply. One gallon of maple syrup requires forty gallons of maple sap. Most trees however only yield 5 to 15 gallons of sap per season. There are a variety of syrup flavors. Some examples are Aunt Jemima’s, Mrs.

Butterworth’s, or Hungry Jacks. All taste good, but you might enjoy one more than the others so find your favorite. Make your own maple syrup. You’ll need several gallons to make syrup.

It is best to do this outdoors as there may bea lot of steam. Add maple syrup to different food items. Pancakes are a popular pairing but there are plenty of other foods you can use syrup on.

Some examples include popcorn, pie, roasted vegetables, you can even try it in a cocktail. Day Calendar. Sat 1. Tue 4. Wed 5. Thu 6. Fri 7. Sun 9. Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun Mon Thu Commemoration Victims of the Holocaust. Tue 1. Wed 2. Fri 4. Sat 5. Sun 6. Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Native Americans in the northeastern part of the continent were the first to make it, by cutting the bark on trees and letting the sap drip out.

By the s, colonists learned the technique, which became known as sugaring. After the thaw in late winter allowed the sap to begin flowing through the maple trees, the colonists would gash the trunks and guide the sap into troughs. They would then boil it over fires. Using maple as a sweetener was done in part to save money, as cane sugar from the West Indies was more expensive.

This especially was the case after , when the Sugar Act placed high duties on imported sugar. Following the Revolution, the production of maple boomed, and maple became a primary source of sweetening. Besides being used as a syrup, it was used to make candy and molasses and was used in beer and wine. American German Historical.

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LeBron James Jr. Melanie Robbins. Monique Samuels. No one knows exactly when they started producing these two products, but the Native Americans did have several legends around the tradition of extracting and using maple syrup and sugar. When Europeans arrived, local indigenous people showed them how to tap the trunks of certain types of maples—particularly black maple, sugar maple, or red maple trees.

This lead to full-scale harvesting of maple syrup by the end of the 17th century. From that point on, maple syrup production steadily increased over the years.


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Celebrated on December 17th, every year. The day is to celebrate the special richness of Maple Syrup. It is actually a sweetener made from the substance called sap of red maple, sugar maple or black maple trees. During the cold season and before winter times, these trees accumulate starch in their roots and trunks. Later, in the late winter times and during the early spring period, the starch is converted to sugar and is accumulated in the sap. After that, the trees are tapped by drilling into the trunks and the sap is collected.

Later the sap undergoes heating process in order to evaporate the water content. Thus, concentrated syrup is produced. Nevertheless, the boiling process consumes more time. Normally, a tree is tapped when it is around 30 years old. For another 60 to 70 years, maple syrup can be extracted from the tree. Depending upon the size of the trunks, number of holes are drilled and tapped. Researches says that the syrups are first used by the Native North Americans.

The European settlers introduced it to Europe. The depiction of maple leaf in the flag of Canada denotes the importance of maple in terms of economic contribution. In accordance with the United States, Vermont is the largest producer with around 5. Apart from Canada and United States, countries that includes Japan and South Korea are notable small scale producers of maple syrup.

Maple syrup is normally graded in the United States, Canada, etc. Perhaps, it is used as a condiment for preparing toasts, porridge, pancakes, sweet potato, pies, winter squash cakes, coffee, tea, etc. Other subsequent grades are Processed Grade maple and Substandard. The Three prominent maple trees used for the production of maple syrups are Sugar maple Acer saccharum , Red maple Acer rubrum and the black maple Acer nigrum. Other species like the silver maple Acer saccharinum , Manitoba maple Acer negundo , and the big leaf maple Acer macrophyllum are also used but only at minimal level.

During the American civil war times, the usage of maple sugar was gradually decreased and was replaced by cane sugar. Reverse osmosis process is being carried out to isolate the water from the sap. In South Korea, raw sap is consumed without involving any boiling process. Apart from sucrose, the maple syrup consist of small amounts of fructose and monosaccharides glucose. Maple flavored syrups like Pancake, Waffle syrup are actually imitations of maple syrups and the primary ingredient is fructose.

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Both and were sweet for the maple syrup industry, with sales hitting record numbers. While all farmers are at the humble mercy of Mother Nature, maple producers were probably wondering how they might have gotten on her bad side. Unseasonably warm temperatures and an early frost jumpstarted the flow of the delectable delight are two reasons and the causes of the sticky mess we find ourselves in today.

Although the QMSP has had to tap into the reserve supply, the suppliers are confident they can meet the domestic and international demand. To ensure the reserve will be fully stocked, the QMSP approved 7 million new tree taps or spouts to extract the sap. The reserve had about million pounds of maple syrup stockpiled in gallon barrels at the beginning of the year.

However, experts say that tapping the reserve is normal and about half is left, which is a good sign that maple syrup will be sticking around for a while. But since the sticky substance has been a staple for so long, there are legends surrounding it too! One story is that man named Glooskap, a legend amongst the Native peoples of the area that is now Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Atlantic Canada, was tasked by the Creator to care for his people.

Glooskap visited what he thought was an abandoned village; however, the villagers were still there. In those days, maple trees and their thick syrupy substance were plentiful every day of the year. Instead, they were resting and letting the precious syrup ooze from the abundant maple trees directly into their mouths. To prevent the villagers from continuing to bask in their laziness, Glooskap was instructed to douse the maple trees with water, causing the syrup to dilute into a thinner substance that would only be available once a year at the end of winter.

Now, the villagers had to collect the sap and boil the water out earn the syrup they once indulged in! And then there is the Iroquois legend of Woksis, a Chief who discovered maple syrup after pulling his tomahawk from a tree he had stuck it into the night before. Little did he know it was no ordinary tree, but a maple tree. When his wife was preparing dinner and needed water, she saw the substance dripping from the tree and thought it could be a good substitute.

The dinner was sweet, and thus maple syrup was discovered. Hungry for more? Below are six delicious details about the condiment you may or may not know about:. December 17 was Maple Syrup Day! This sweet treat is worth celebrating any day of the year.

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