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Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional skills: proficient in Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Pitch Pro, Word. Jobstreet Jobs that matter. Do you want to know more about our services? CONTACT US with the target: through influential OPM songwriters and artists. The app allows candidates to search, browse and apply to jobs. The app also has a filtering field which includes job title, skill, keywords.


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Dalam jobstreet untuk cari kerja. These also need to be relevan. Sebagai contoh untuk jawatan Business Development Analyst yang saya iklankan ini telah menerima beratus-ratus permohonan namun hanya sahaja yang pitch.

Jika anda pitching dan anda menulis pitch yang spesifik untuk kerja yang dipohon admin yakin permohonan anda akan menarik perhatian recruiter yang menerima permohonan anda.

In the pitch letters case it may be an account an advertising agency has coveted for far too long. As you approach someone to pitch to at an event interview or anything in between start off with an introduction. Jika anda mahu memohon mana-mana jawatan yang diiklankan di Jobstreet anda digalakkan untuk menulis Make your pitch rujuk gambar di bawah.

The pitch letter is similar to a sales letter in its purpose. Once you get the basics right you can take it up a notch and start customizing it to make it your own. I have not heard of a job-street pitch however I am assuming this is also known as An elevator pitch.

It will help you a lot. Ni tips dari pengalaman saya sendiri macam mana saya tulis pitching di jobstreet. It seeks some specific action from the recipient.

Terkini jika anda mahu memohon mana-mana jawatan yang diiklankan di Jobstreet anda digalakkan to Make your pitch rujuk gambar 1 di bawah. The ask of your pitch could be consideration for a job opportunity an internship or simply to get contact information.

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Opm usa jobs government jobstreet pitch –


What do you say when you meet someone for the first time? Whether you are meeting the person in a career fair or an online platform, you would have to introduce yourself to the person anyway.

I am sure you want the person to know some specific things about you Your selling points. Well, in this article I will be showing you some great elevator pitch examples you need to get hired fast. Just before we get into that… what is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a quick compelling speech about yourself that is used to evoke interest in a person, project or people.

It highlights your ideas, your values, what makes you different, and makes the prospect want to hear more from you. Contrary to what some people think, elevator pitches are not only meant for Human Resources professionals looking for hr vacancies in nigeria. In simple terms, an elevator pitch is a summary of who you are and what you do in a short time.

Here is one surprising thing about an elevator pitch you probably did not know;. Anytime you respond to questions like;. You are saying something in response to that question, right? But the question here is:. Now, how are you saying it? Probably not good enough because you are not aware of what you are doing.

Since you can give an elevator pitch without even knowing it, what then is a good elevator pitch? A good elevator pitch is one that will make people sincerely interested in you, helps you land a dream job, and probably help you build a lasting relationship.

If you are meeting a prospect for the first time, you may be too anxious to deliver a great elevator pitch on- the-spot. You may not find it easy to write an exciting elevator pitch especially if you are writing one for the first time.

So, to ensure you write a good elevator pitch, you can take a look at these elevator pitch examples to create a good one for yourself.

We will take a look at some elevator pitch examples. If you are actively searching for a job, then you may have to give an elevation pitch from time to time. Whether you are attending a career fair or meeting a prospect in a casual setting you may have to give an elevation pitch to get the attention of the prospect and maybe probably get the job.

Your elevator pitch should answer these questions:. If it still feels a bit challenging for you to frame your elevator pitch around these questions, then you can just take a look at these elevator pitch examples to form your own. I thrive on learning new things and meeting people that share the same background with me, and I am also thinking of changing my job as soon so I am willing to learn about work environments in different companies.

I worked at the university radio station as a reporter and news editor, ever since then I have developed an interest in journalism. I am currently looking for an internship opportunity that will put my journalism skills into play. Note : You can see that this elevator pitch answers the questions above. I am very passionate about dental health which is why I studied dentistry at the university. After a few months of interning as a dentist, I want to plunge my dentistry career by taking a full-time job in a dental company.

I believe that taking a full-time dentist job will open me up to real-life challenges that will thus help me thrive in my career. I am passionate about expressing ideas in creative ways. I am currently interning as an illustrator and graphic designer for a publishing firm, but I want to take the bold step to push my career by starting up my creative agency. I know that starting up a business has its challenges.

I have interned in some companies after my graduation where I worked as an IT support Executive, but in my spare time, I focus on AI and how I can use it to solve real-life human challenges. I am currently working on a project that will eventually solve communication problems for small businesses.

I think it will take me a step ahead in my career. Applying for a job is not all there is to job hunting. See everything you need to know here. I am passionate about sales, but I currently realized that being more strategic can help me meet my target faster than I expect it. Discovering SEO has opened me up to different online strategies that I can apply to achieve more sales. I am currently developing my career, and I know that digital marketing is one aspect that I want to grow.

This led to me pursuing a career in sales. I have interned as a sales executive for a few months. I am currently taking a course in sales to improve my knowledge in sales.

I am currently looking for job opportunities in sales in a bigger company. I enjoyed my stay at ABC Group of Companies, but now I am looking for an opportunity to practice accounting as a staff member rather than an intern. I have not had human resources work experience asides from my undergraduate studies at the university.

Studying human resources at the University of Lagos has helped me build my passion for human resources. Now I look forward to gaining practical experience in human resources. I am looking for an internship position that will help me gain practical human resource experience. I have been passionate about and involved in literacy and educational activities right from my neighborhood to my church.

Studying education at the university helped me even appreciate education better. I strongly believe in nurturing and educating children to become better and knowledgeable children, and helping children become educated is more than a career, it is a rewarding process for me.

I am currently looking for a position that will help me educate children. I would like to get some advice on the best position to look out for. I have written reports and website content and report for different companies and for individuals too. Asides from writing, I have built my research skills. I am now looking for a permanent role in research that will help me put my communication skills in practice.

This question makes many job seekers confused. As much as you want to prepare for the job interview questions and answers , you should also be prepared to sell yourself to your potential employer. If you are not prepared to answer questions like; so, what do you do or tell me about yourself, then you may experience some level of frustration when the recruiter suddenly asks you these questions.

This is where the importance of the elevator pitch comes in. Preparing an elevator pitch before going for an interview will help you ace your job interview.

Are you ready to take a look at some amazing job interview elevator pitch examples? I am a financial accountant. I recently finished my master’s degree in financial accounting, after my undergraduate degree in financial accounting. I have gained a few months experience during my studies as an undergraduate, but I am now looking to gain more experience in my career that is why I am looking to get a job in an organization that will help me develop and grow my career like this company.

Before I started working at my current place of employment, I have always been passionate about problem-solving even as a teenager which is what inspired me to study communications. I have worked in several places until now as a customer service executive, and I have enjoyed the experience so far.

Now I think that I have come to a point in my career that I want to put myself in an environment that will challenge me to do more and to add more value. I am a sales executive, specializing in the manufacturing industry.

I am passionate about creating awareness and letting great products get to the hands of people that need it. My enthusiasm for marketing and sales has brought me different recognition.

I also won an award last year at my current place of work as ‘best sales executive of the year’. I am a web developer, specializing in responsive web development. Bringing imaginations into reality and solving problems were two things that inspired me to build a career in web development. Learning and understanding UI was an opportunity for me to add value to anyone that will eventually use or visit the website that I create. I have worked for a few years as a web developer for small companies, but in my previous job, I have to develop softwares due to the expansion of the company and client requests.

To open myself up to other possibilities I decided to work part-time so that I can have time for personal projects. Carrying out personal projects and working with other companies has made me a full stack developer. I am now looking forward to consultancy positions considering my experience and expertise which is why I am applying for this position. I am currently a first-class accounting graduate from the University of Benin.

During my year at the university, I had worked as a volunteer accountant during my holidays. I have also helped different people keep an account for free because of my passion for accounting. I have always known that I wanted to become an accountant even from my early years in secondary school. Considering my passion, enthusiasm, and love for accounting, I know that I would be a great addition to this team. Are you tired of searching for a job and would love to start your own small business?

Starting your business does not only have to do with creating your goods or services and selling them. To build a successful business, you have to learn how to connect with people that can help you land great opportunities. So how can you connect with great people? You can connect with great people anywhere, but what impression are you leaving in the minds of the people that you meet. Creating a good elevator pitch.

When you give a potential client or an investor good reasons why they should be interested in what you do. An elevator pitch can make or mar your business. If you are just starting your business, then you can take a look at these elevator pitch examples from these successful start-ups:. Solving office space is tough and expensive, especially in cities like New York. We created the concept of space as a service.


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