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Obviously, there isn’t actually a problem. He just liked to whine. I’m from Australia. Maybe the site’s guidelines for comments were updated after they had commented. I suppose that’s okay for non-Americans, but if you’re American, you should really know these. In cases like known writers or something it makes sense more us people would be on the list.

I did it to pay homage to President Donald Trump. This is a feat for the ages. Unless, of course, the majority of people taking this quiz aren’t from the United States. Always confuse it with Colorado. Shouldn’t have that problem anymore. All, with left This is my 2nd favorite Jet Punk quiz! I started with being able to locate only, like, 5 states!

Hope I won’t forget anything tomorrow :D. I’m not from the U. Learnt them in a day. And i’m also not from the U. Good job, me. Could’ve done better. I had left when I finished. Nice quiz! Got all orrect! Come on ‘Merica, merge those tiny little New England states together. Bet most yanks wouldn’t have a clue about the geography of our brilliant country.

But it’s a pretty small country. Too many to think about clearly. It’s a way more recognizable shape than, say, Wyoming By the way i’m 7 and from Britian! Like why Michigan has a non-contiguous upper peninsula or the fact that when Texas first joined the US it had territory that extended as far north into what is now Wyoming. Suffice to say, it’s a long story. Not nearly as long as Greek history but interesting all the same. It’s difficult but interesting.

Had minutes left. It has really helped with the geography of my own country. That’s excellent, Gobro! New Hampshire is the other way up. Not bad! I’ve been taking it over and over again. I need to fill out a US map as part of a Social Studies exam and I can never remember which is which. Fascinating stuff; I could spend an hour reading it. Ich Bin Doof. Have been trying to beat this quiz since My bad I think I like it.

Takes a little getting used to but it seems better, with more practice it will be easier than the old method. Nice update. Appreciate the time you spent to do this task. I’m OK with that. However with this one I noticed in “Fixed Order” the state highlights go in alphabetical order, which removes the challenge. It was hard enough making sure you hovered over the correct answer without having to scroll up or down and then be sure you hit the right one. You young humans are pathetic, what you need to mimic a fraction of my power.

Also, as someone from Missouri, I’m a little disappointed that Missouri’s the one people miss the most, especially as it has a fairly unique shape, unlike all the square western states which people apparently have an easier time with. But today I finally got all 50 states!!! Create Account. Featured Quizzes. User Quizzes. Create Quiz. Data and Charts. Badges and Games. About JetPunk. Save time by using Keyboard Shortcuts. Quiz by Quizmaster. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe?

Featured Quiz. First submitted October 21, Times taken 3,, Average score Start Quiz. Fixed order Random order. Pause Untimed Help. The quiz is paused. You have remaining. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats Retake Quiz Share Result. Select State. North Carolina. South Carolina. Dude no one cares. Fools, you all may be quite young, but I am 1. All of you younglings are pathetic. Respect your elders. I think the Random Order option needs to be clearer.

Might have missed the drop down altogether, it’s just a down arror in the middle of nothing. The hardest part of this quiz for me is trying to find the name on the list. That, and the difference between Mississippi and Alabama. Very awkward test. I’ve been to most and know them all, but two states in the answers light up togethr, so you must take pointer out of all and click to clear, losing time.

Having to slide over other answers makes them light up Map was tiny for north eastern states And list of answers very cramped. One just moved to the next state as I clicked. He probably meant Michigan. Correction: Easy for anyone who is familiar with the U. I see a whole slew of comments from level 2’s. Also possible that after they commented, quizzes were reset, and their levels dropped.

The scores are much lower than I expected too, especially with the amount comments saying people need to make their own site if they wanted quizzes that are less us-centric for like logo quizzes or car quizzes when it is not specified it is about cars in the us. You’ll be a year old almost a month from now.

Well this just be added to the European map quiz when Putin annexes the United States and Trump does nothing to stop it? How is the average only 32! For a non-American who is trying to think through all the information that they can without having ever seriously looked at a map of the US, the time is just right. My favorite is Countries of the World.


United States Map Quiz.Test your geography knowledge – USA: states quiz | Lizard Point Quizzes

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Usa state map test.US Map Quiz

US States Quiz. There are 50 states in the USA. How many can you name? Quiz by Quizmaster. USA Geography quiz geography quiz – just click on the map to answer the questions about the states in USA. The United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It has 50 states and this quiz game will help you to learn them all.


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